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September 27, 2017

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Why does the internet have so much to say about Blu Ivy’s hair?

July 25, 2018



In her six years of existence on this earth, for Blue Ivy Carter, nothing has been the centre of attention more than her hair. It seems like the world did not expect Beyonce to let her baby girl wear her hair in its natural state, and her doing so has caused such an uproar on the internet over the years. There was even a petition created shaming Blue Ivy and her parents, sighting that the child was suffering from lack of hair moisture, her parents were being negligent which has led to her hair developing into matted dreads and lint balls and that they should COMB HER HAIR. Very serious allegations that need urgent attention, right?! Not.




As concerned as people claimed to be when hurling insults at The Carter’s for the lack of care for Blue’s hair, this was a clear case of texture discrimination. 

Had the curls been bigger and silkier, we probably would’ve been talking a different story. According to the internet, Beyonce is not allowed to have a nappy haired child. How, when she is so flawless and perfect all the time? Apparently there is no room for her baby’s her to be wild and untamed, she should be as flawless and perfect as her Mommy. Damn internet, kids can’t be kids now?




What we can take from the attack’s on Blue Ivy’s hair is that the internet is shockingly but not surprisingly more judgemental towards a nappier texture and still has a lot of stereotypes attached to it. If it is not neatly tied up in a bun with baby hairs laid, it is wild and not presentable. Even if it is coming from a child. Needless to say, The Carter’s finally listened and we started seeing her with more styled hair, puffs and braids being the most common.

It’s unfortunate that a child was attacked in such a manner, for really just being a child, and that people felt entitled to harsh opinions about Beyonce and Jay’s parenting skills.




We have enjoyed watching Blue Ivy’s hair revolution regardless, and thoroughly enjoy seeing her blooming personality, with meme’s of her facial expressions showing up on many timelines. 

We have no doubt that she is going to grow into a smart black women who will have plenty to say once she is willing and able to speak up for herself.




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