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Self-care rituals that we love!

July 25, 2018



Self-care Saturdays and Sundays are all the buzz at the moment on social media, you’d swear that they are official weekend holidays. Just as well though because, we all need another excuse to take care of ourselves better and just slow down, and that’s exactly what it’s about.

Self-care encompasses a lot of things, but the underlying idea is the act of putting aside some time to take care of self, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

It has sort of become a movement now, with the hashtag #selfcare accompanying many a face mask selfies.

Here are some self-care rituals that we love and think that you ought to get into if you haven’t already:




Sleep in!

Take a day, if you can of course, to just sleep in and rest! The body needs to rest in order to thrive and carry us to its best ability, and it always let’s us know when it is not getting enough rest. So stay in bed for as long as you want for the day, and most of all, don’t feel bad about it! Your body will thank you!


Take a long hot bath or shower. (Sorry Cape Town, not you!)

Romance yourself and light some candles in your bathroom, use all your bathing goodies, your foam bath, bath salts and oils to make this even better. Bath salts that contain epsom salt are proven to destress the body, together with essential oils such as lavender, lemon grass and rosemary. 

Add in a spa music playlist and you are in heaven!




Have a wash day for your hair.

Wash day is a form of self-care, because it requires you to put a lot time aside for yourself and put in a lot of care too. It can be a day where you also sit down with a cup of your favourite herbal tea and get your nose into a good read, while letting your oil treatment work. Try the MPL Original, Vitamin E or Coconut Oil and include them in your pre-poo or hot oil treatment.



This means different things for different people. It could mean sitting quietly with a cup of tea, taking a walk outside barefoot, burning some incense and sitting in lotus pose while you smile or even listening to some soothing music and dancing around your house naked. Whatever it means for you, do it, as this allows you to be present and mindful.




Stay away from the internet.

Unplug. Logout. This is probably one of the most difficult things to do for most people. We constantly feel like we are missing out on something when we are not on our phone and that makes us very anxious. A great self-care exercise is to stay away from your phone for some time, even If it’s only a few hours. This exercise offers less noise and more clarity. 



Writing down what you are feeling is one of the most powerful tools. We are not always able to express our feelings to people and therefore release them and let them go, so when we write them down, that helps immensely in doing that. Write down what you are grateful for, what you hope for, what you want to achieve for the week or anything really!


“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take cate of yourself first”





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