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September 27, 2017

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Are you using products that are suitable your texture?

May 23, 2018



I remember going to a natural hair event for a new American natural hair care product range and thinking to myself during the presentation by the founder, “Will these products work as well for my hair type as they do for hers?”

She is American and her hair type was probably close to type 3C. I had previously fallen into the trap of wanting the same results as women with different textures and was disappointed each time, so I was understandably skeptical. I wasn’t going to use things like curl custards and expect big bouncy curls anymore. Nope! So I started thinking about what products are actually ideal for my texture and I started to have realistic expectations when it came to the results.

If we focus on hair type 4 hair specifically, which most black women have, it is tightly coiled, with a zig zag pattern and is the most fragile. The fragility is due to the fact that it is such a dry hair type, making it more prone to breakage. There has been numerous attempts to dispel the misconception that this hair type does not grow, from women who have grown their natural 4C hair to unbelievable lengths, however women are still not convinced their hair can grow to lengths of other hair types. Back to the topic at hand though, when it comes to 4C hair, you cannot go wrong with oils, this is the best way to combat the hydration factor. Essential oils are all the buzz at the moment with women even making their own blends and concoctions of oils. What is also important to note is that most women’s hair is more often than not, more than one hair type, within the type 4 group. So you could have both 4B and 4C hair together for example.

Oil based products can be used for various purposes when it comes to this hair type:


Detangling (when mixed with water)

Hot oil treatments

Deep conditioning treatments

Daily moisturising

MPL has some of the best oils in the market, especially suitable for type 4 hair. Some of these oils include;

MPL Vitamin E Hair Oil - This formula encourages hair growth, reduces hair loss and provides extra moisture and conditioning to your hair.


MPL Olive Oil Moisturiser - Formulated with Olive oil, Shea butter, Rosemary and Clove, this 4-in-1 hair solution helps to strengthen hair as well as soothe the scalp.


MPL Ayurvedic Oil - This oil is specially formulated to deeply condition the hair and scalp, reduce frizz and make her long and lustrous.

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