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September 27, 2017

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Dear Kinks. An open letter to my coils by Solaristu

May 9, 2018



Dear Kinks,


I can’t really remember the exact day that I started to see you. I mean really see you!

You know, cos I could never really see you underneath my relaxed hair. You were always just “growth” to me, and an opportunity for a longer ponytail.

I definitely appreciated you more when I cut my hair and you were all I had left. Growth. The irony.

I started to see my eyes more, my lips more. I could see my face and your connection to it much more. There were no longer any distractions.

I could see how you sprouted out from my scalp. How you’d spring up with joy when you were wet. 

The way you’d twist and turn and stretch and bounce.

Oh and you became like a party trick for me. People would touch you and be amazed at how soft you are, because apparently you feel much softer than you look. Can you believe that?

I don’t know who told us that natural hair is supposed to be coarse, but they lied.

They lied about you being hard and difficult and just not easy to live with.

The opposite is so true about you.

In my experience, you are soft and delicate, so dynamic, fragile and strong - all in one. And I want to thank you because in experiencing your beauty, I was able to recognise my own with so much more clarity.

I was able to see that I do not have to behave in one way to be beautiful. I can change and morph into whatever I desire, with my beauty untouched and uncompromised. Thank you for showing me that I can bend and stretch and be broken even, and it’ll all pass. It’s all seasonal. It never lasts forever.

Thank for being my crown. Thank you for making me feel like royalty on some days. And like a basic simple girl on others. I need those days too. 

You will never actually leave me, even when I let you go and decide that I need a break from you, you always come back. I think you’re kinda obsessed with me actually… but that’s okay.

You reassure me and you reinforce the fact that I am magic, over and over and over again. Thank you



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