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September 27, 2017

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April 25, 2018



A mother’s very busy schedule coupled with a daughters short attention span often results in an unpleasant wash care routine. As a mother the one thing you dread is getting a lot of whining and screams while doing your daughter’s hair. So we’ve rounded up some useful tips on how to avoid the high stress levels while maintaining your daughter’s healthy looking hair using MPL hair-care products.




Suss out the mood: No one knows your daughter better than you do. Before initiating wash day you may need to bribe, negotiate or simply ask if it’s a suitable time to wash her hair. 


Make it fun: Wash day does not have to be a chore. Play a game where you hide MPL products around the house and make your daughter look for them by telling her how close she is from finding them. Playing this sort of hair-care hunt instantly gets the young ones amped to wash their hair. Play her favourite tunes, sing along while washing her hair.


Do it together: To get the boredom out the way washing your hair together makes it fun for her too because at a very young age they learn by imitation. You can let her also give it a try by allowing her to dig her tiny fingers in your hair, just for the fun of it.




Complete it with a protective hairstyle: At the end of the hair care routine apply the new MPL Castor Oil which will stimulate hair growth and strengthen her roots. Be delicate with your daughter’s hair, seal it with a protective hairstyle that will allow her to be active in the playground.


MPL offers a range of products which are also suitable to the young ones. Mommies are always the superheroes, always bringing solutions to playground bad hair days.


Love, MPL




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