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September 27, 2017

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February 8, 2018


While having patience and commitment are important in maintaining healthy natural hair the past four years of my natural hair journey have also taught me that the key to a long and happy relationship with your natural hair – as is with all other relationships – is the ability to keep things interesting!

Natural afro hair is by far one of the most versatile hair types and by learning to change things up (i.e. experimenting and having fun with different techniques, particularly when it comes to hair styling) you’ll be able to maximize and enjoy all its benefits. 

When it comes to natural hair styles, being open to new looks can also help you learn about the intricacies of your hair (e.g. what it likes and doesn’t like!) and more importantly, it helps keep hair boredom away!

After all, the more fun you have with your natural hair the more likely you’ll want to give it proper care and maintenance – ultimately, this could help you stick to your natural hair journey for the long haul!

Here are some natural hair styling techniques you can use to help change things up and keep boredom at bay:



1. BRAIDS: Braids have been having their moment! Not only are they a great protective style but they also offer a super-quick boost for that “new hair” feeling. 

       From exotic Fulani braids to elegant up-do’s the choices are endless - no excuses for boredom!



 2. TWISTS: Twists are a classic natural hair staple for a reason – they are versatile, elegant and easy to wear anytime! They are also great for soon-to-be naturals going through the “transition” phase.






3. HAIR CLIP-INS & WIGS: If your hair is at an awkward length or you simply want to add extra length and volume to your tresses you can’t go wrong with using natural hair-clip ins and wigs to help you out! For seamless blending, try aiming for hair extensions that are as close to your natural hair texture as possible.



 4. UP-DO’S: Having Natural hair doesn’t have to mean missing out on an elegant up-do or a formal look! In fact, the versatility of natural afro hair really shines through when styled in a chic up-do such as a “Fro-hawk” or a timeless high bun.











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