September 27, 2019

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September 27, 2017

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5 Reasons why you should be using cold water for your hair

January 17, 2018



There's a belief, from men mostly *side eyes*, that women shower or bath with scorching hot water. Well I mean, there is some truth to it I suppose. We like it when that steam fills up the bathroom, it's really satisfying for some reason. There are relaxing benefits to steam okay?!


In addition, the moisture in the air as a result of the steam is very good for our curls. Call it hydration from faux humidity if you must. However, plot twist! Cold water proves to be more beneficial for our hair. Yes ladies, sounds crazy I know, but we need to start taking cold showers for the sake of shinier and healthier hair.


Think of your hair cuticles as shingles on a roof, so they remain flat when showered with cold or cool water. Resulting in smoother cuticles that reflect more light and making hair appear shinier and healthier. The only bad thing about using cold water is that you will be freezing cold. But it's worth it.

Now for the benefits.


1. Gets rid of toxins naturally

Washing with cold water assists with natural detoxification as toxins and waste products are pushed away more easily from the scalp. Perhaps try this for the second wash immediately after washing with lukewarm water.


2. Helps maintain natural hydration

Rinsing with cold water doesn't dry your hair and therefore make it more

prone to breakage, unlike hot water rinsing. Which can leave already weak and dry hair even more damaged.


3. Promotes healthier, shinier looking hair

Because it leaves the hair cuticles smooth, cold water encourages healthier and shinier hair. It also tightens the cuticle layer, minimizing an oily scalp.


4. Encourages stronger hair - less breakage

Hair cuticles remain closed and tight when washed with cold water. So the scalp will not have accumulation and penetration of dirt and oils. This results in stronger hair that will not be easily break during combing, brushing or styling.


5. Reduces frizz

If you use a leave-in conditioner or curl custard or gel after your cold wash or rinse, scrunch your hair for tighter curls, this can result in a frizz-less wash and go.


So basically, the momentary “brain freeze” that you will experience after a cold wash or rinse, is worth it ladies. And “brain freezes” are apparently good for you, so... win-win? This is not to completely discount washing with hot water of course; there are some benefits too. Cold water washing is just that much better. So try it and share your results :)


Love MPL

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