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September 27, 2017

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Recovering From The Holidays

January 11, 2018



Summer holidays are made of basking in the sun, dipping into the pool and outdoor adventures. As fun as it might all seem in the moment, heat, chlorine and salt water aren’t that great on our hair and can cause long-term damage such as breakage, dryness and discolouration. We’re not saying spend your summer holidays indoors, no! Go out there and enjoy the African sun and throw your worries away into the sea. Just make sure that you take precautions like you would for your skin. Our team of experts have put together a few hair tips to help your hair recover from the December holidays and prepare it for the Easter holidays that are coming up.


Wash it all away

Wash your hair thoroughly after you swim to get rid of the salt or chlorine.


Trim it

Don’t be shy, trimming split ends helps to improve the growth of your hair.


Treat yourself

Apply a hot oil treatment and leave it in for a few hours. Hot oil treatment is a concoction of warm oils used together over a period of hours to help restore your hair. Check out our previous post ‘Headwrap trick’ on how to treat your hair at home. Don’t worry, if you don’t have all the products at home, you can still apply a hot oil treatment with just one product – MPL Coconut Oil.


Nourish daily

You don’t deny your body and skin of nourishment, so why deny your crown? Whether you have #longhairdontcare or you’re #baldandbeautiful, it is important to feed your hair and scalp daily. Choose from our wide range of hair food, oils and gels formulated to give your hair the overall health it needs.


Wear a hat

Summer is not yet over, so when you know you’re going to spend some time in the sun, rather wear a pretty hat to protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun.




Wear a protective style

Protective style is any hairdo such as braids, faux locks, plaits, etc. that keeps your hair tucked away so that you don’t have to comb it, pull it or heat it daily. Its low maintenance so you can completely relax on your holiday and to top it all off, protective styles help promote hair growth.



Love, MPL

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