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September 27, 2017

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December 20, 2017



Roadtrips in drop tops, let your hair down. Be free this Summer vacation along the coast. Soak in all the sounds. Let your skin, rich in melanin, soak in all the sun.


As we wrap up the year preparing for all the Summer travels. We compiled a comprehensive list for your Summer bag essentials when you head out to the coastal town.




Power Bank: Stay updated and posting on social media, low battery life will have you missing out on big plans. Make sure you keep your power bank close by.


A good book to read: There are times you seek inspiration, being on holiday gives you some leisure time to read. We always recommend a book that will change your life, do your research well.




MPL ayurvedic oil: After a great swim rub some ayurvedic oil to your hair to reduce frizz that may be caused by the salty sea water. Also our well formulated ayurvedic oil deeply conditions and strengths your hair.


Water bottle: Stay hydrated. The consumption of water also helps in the growth of your hair. Drink up.


Wide Brimmed Sun Hat: Look aesthetically pleasing while wearing your sun hat to protect you from the sun.




Flowing cotton floral dresses: A cotton fabric sits pleasantly on your skin. Cotton is a poor conductor of heat, during warm days it allows you to stay cool in the scorching sun. Also it absorbs moisture very well.


Oversized Basket bag: Put all your key essentials in one big bag.


Sunnies: Don’t get caught perving on the hottie at the beach without your sunnies on, but their main purpose is to protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays.


Beach towel: lay on the beach with your towel and also dry yourself up after a dip in the water.




Swimsuit: When you get to the beach do not be shy to wear your swimsuit. Be free, you will realise that nobody is there to body-shame you.


Sunscreen: Protect your rich melanin with a sunscreen high in SPF value. If you are going to be sitting in the sun longer than three hours, re-apply your sunscreen.


Love, MPL

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