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September 27, 2017

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December 6, 2017


When I was in Primary school, I used to change hair products regularly as I was never really satisfied. I had a problem with my scalp in Grade 2, it was filled with sores and I had to cut all my hair and start afresh.  Eventually my hair grew again from plaiting with wool and blow-drying, but I was never really satisfied with the quality of my hair. It grew, but remained short in the front and my mom tried on many occasions to plait it in order to help it grow because I didn’t want to cut it, but that didn’t help either.


In the year 2000, I was introduced to MPL Oil. I started using it by applying it on the scalp weekly and since then I have never complained about dry and itchy scalp, hair breakage and short hair in the front. My hair grew rapidly because MPL encourages hair growth and makes it richer. It really is amazing; I am no longer worried about anything affecting my hair, even when it rains I am secure because MPL Oil restores its natural state.




My entire family and I use MPL and we all have natural, rich hair. I used to go to salons to relax my hair and I would be told that my hair is too much and they advised I leave MPL. They said that it was a tiring effort to comb and blow dry my hair and they would charge me more money because it uses a lot of shampoo. I had to change salons because I did not want to leave MPL Oil as they suggested I use other products, which I tried for a month but I was not satisfied with their results.


I remember in High-school English class we were given a task to choose any product that we produce on our own and not existing products. I was inspired by MPL so I drew the same bottle shape but changed the name, slogan and catch phrase. I named the product Emulsion but with the same great offering as MPL Oil.

I have introduced my friends and colleagues to MPL as they often asked, “What do you use for your hair? It’s beautiful and rich” as some of them have long hair but it’s not as rich as my families, and mine so I would tell them that we all use MPL Oil.




In early 2016, I applied dye on my hair and it started breaking, became dry and I lost my hair in front again. I was extremely upset and regretted applying dye on my hair and I thought that it was the end of the road for me. I never gave up on MPL and continued applying it, especially on the front part. My hair is back to normal now and I have decided that I will never cut my hair until I get tired of it. My MPL still works for me.


My love for MPL Oil is endless, I plan on using it forever and I will recommend it to my kids just as my mom did to me. It has taken good care of my hair over the years. My hair is beautiful, strong and healthy. I love my hair and my new motto is that I will not use any hairpiece or braid it because I do not need it at all.


Love, Lebogang Sibiya

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