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September 27, 2017

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More defined curls from twist outs.

November 9, 2017



Who doesn’t want bouncy defined curls after undoing a twist out? No one right? However achieving this has proved to be a science, a skill that isn’t always as simple as putting in some product and leaving your hair twisted overnight.

For a lot of us, especially with 4c hair type, we end up with frizzy undefined curls that are just good enough for us to not deal with shrinkage for the day.

Twistouts are a great way to detangle and stretch out your hair from shrinkage. So yes, bouncy defined curls are definitely a necessary skill to master.



  1. Make sure your hair is actually detangled.

The best time to do this is after a wash, while your hair is still wet. Wet hair is much easier to detangle. So on non-wash days, you can spray your hair with some water to dampen it. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to get tangles out throughout your entire head. It also helps to section your hair and detangle section by section. Remember to always comb the ends first, then move down your hair.


  1. Use a leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are, simply put, water based moisturisers, so they aid in hydrating and softening the hair. They usually give better results than a wash out conditioner because they are left in the hair to continue working as the days go. Apply evenly to your damp hair to help smooth your hair strands, which is how we want those curls to be, smooth and bouncy.



  1. Apply product and twist

A lot of us struggle with which product to use for our twistouts. MPL has recently introduced the perfect moisturiser. The MPL 4-in-1 hair solution, that is specially formulated with olive oil, shea butter, rosemary and clove. As always, MPL products promote hair growth, but in addition this hair oil moisturizes and conditions as well as helps to soothe and heal the scalp. This is especially ideal after taking out a protective hairstyle such as braids. So you can apply this to your hair just before twisting. When twisting, instead of twisting all the way down, add some product to your ends and coil it around your finger. This will help avoid breakage when removing the twist.


  1. Make sure hair is completely dry before removing your twists

Let twists dry over night or even days before untwisting. If you remove while they are still wet or damp, even if it’s only some parts, you are likely to get some frizz.



  1. Remove twists.

Use your fingers to remove twists and use a wide tooth comb to fluff at the roots of your hair for volume. Do not over fluff or comb your curls as you will lose definition.


Essentially, hydration is key for defined curls. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And have patience for your hair, the results are guaranteed to be beautiful J


Images are from @lxndxox

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