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September 27, 2017

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July 12, 2017



Your hair is your crown and taking good care of that crown requires a lot of time and knowledge of some basic tools, sometimes we find ourselves not knowing the basic methods of how to take care of our natural hair and what tools are essential on our journey. Let’s get to the basics of it all.


  • Satin pillow case & head scarf – Your hair is susceptible to snagging against course materials because of your lovely curls. A satin scarf and pillowcase prevents your hair from breaking and losing moisture during sleep. So swop the cotton pillowcase for a satin one, resulting in a worry-free night’s rest.


  • Spray bottle – Your hair continues to love moisture. A mixture of warm water and essential oils in a spray bottle gives your hair all the moisture it requires. Spritz your hair before styling. Also try mixing MPL Ayurvedic oil with warm water for conditioning of the hair and scalp also promoting hair growth.


  • Afro comb – We are big on finger detangling but keeping a wide-tooth comb close by to comb your delicate hair strands assists with knot-free hair. Part your hair in sections before you comb it.


  • The cotton t-shirt – Contrary to popular belief a cotton towel is not ideal to dry your hair after a wash, it causes friction and creates knots in your hair. The 100% cotton t-shirt has a smooth surface and high moisture absorbency which leads to soaking up water faster than a towel and no friction. And don’t rub your hair while drying it with a cotton t-shirt, hold-and-squeeze is the way to go.


  • Time – the results of long and healthy hair are not apparent overnight. It takes a bit of time. Your hair grows about 15cm per year, give yourself some time to see the results of hair growth. Taking care of your natural hair requires time, give yourself enough time to take treat yourself to hair regimes.


You have an arsenal of tools now put them to good use. We can’t wait for you to share with us your natural hair journey.

Love, MPL

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