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Hat Inspo: Protect your hair with hats this Winter

Apart from providing shade for your face, did you know that hats aren’t just for bad days or late mornings? With the arrival of Winter, there’s no better time to add a hat to your wardrobe. Why? Because now that it’s cooler, hats provide your hair and scalp with much needed protection from harsh cold weather. We are here to give you some hat inspo so you can start planning your winter fits.

  1. A good Cap

Photo by RF._.studio_Pexels

2. Panama Hat

Photo by cottonbro_Pexels

3. Good’ol Beanie

Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash

4. The Classic Beret

Photo by Godisable Jacob_Pexels

5. Fuzzy Bucket Hat

Photo via _Pinterest

Whatever you choose, remember that a good hat must fit right. To avoid breakouts, keep them clean and most importantly, be adventurous! There are so many different options for each hat we listed above so explore! See which hats come in your favourite colours and just have fun!

Love MPL 🧡.

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