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Hair & Romance: Date night hairstyles

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so you know what that means right? Date night. While you getting together an outfit can be stressful, imagine not knowing what to do to your hair. Nothing ruins a great look like bad hair. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen by giving you date night hair inspo. You’re welcome!

1. The high bun

This is an oldie but a goldie. High buns are chic and give you the chance to show off your amazing face. You can either go nice and neat with it or cute and messy.

If you’re going with a high bun, spice up the look by laying those edges sis!

2. Wrapped Up-Do

Up-dos are always a winner but a wrapped up-do has ‘that thing’. Headscarves give you an opportunity to add more colour to your outfit while keeping your hair intact. They compliment protective styles like faux locks, braids or twists.

Wrapped up-dos offer a very put together but edgy look. If this is your vibe, pair this look with daring earrings and steal the whole show.

3. Coloured short curls

Colour and curls, name a better duo. This hairstyle is easy to manage and compliments any look, whether you’re going to sweet & cute or sassy & edgy. Your attitude will determine how you rock it. If you choose this look, try to match your hair to your shoes or handbag.

Get creative and enjoy yourself.

4. Wig it out

When in doubt, wear a wig. Wigs are the ultimate saviors when you have no clue what to do with your hair, don’t have the time to plait and don’t want to go out in your natural hair. This fringe is full enough to cover some forehead and still breezy enough to not look like a helmet.

If this look is what you’ve been looking for, make sure you pair the hair with dramatic eye makeup. You have to commit and with hair like this, how can you not?

5. Tribal Braids

Want to score a home run? Get braids. Tribal braids were a huge hit last year and we think they’re not done yet. You can either go long or short, thick or thin and braids give you the option of colour. If you choose this hairstyle, elevate it with beads. You can either go monochrome or multi-coloured.

Whatever you go with, confidence will complete the look. Enjoy! Love MPL.

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