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Everything you need to know about protein treatments

Photo by _ Jabari Timothy via Unsplash

What are protein treatments?

Protein treatments are conditioning over-the-counter treatments that add protein to the cuticle layer of your hair strands. Protein treatments help restore your hair’s strength while providing protection against further damage. So what is the difference between a protein treatment and a good old deep conditioning treatment? Well, protein.

Like the name suggests, protein treatments focus on restoring the hair shaft’s protein while conditioning treatments provide moisture to the hair and scalp. Protein treatments promote strength and deep conditioning promotes elasticity. However, both are necessary for natural hair and therefore it is important to alternate between the two treatments.

When should you get a protein treatment?

If your hair is dry, damaged or dull then you should consider a protein treatment. Protein treatments can help restore the overall hair structure, returning your hair to full health.

Ingredients to look for in protein treatment products

If you’re still deciding on which product to try, consider keeping the following ingredients in mind when shopping for the right protein treatment. These ingredients help restore hair’s structure and the oils to help replenish moisture:

  • Keratin

  • Collagen

  • Yoghurt

  • Vitamin B-5

Benefits of a protein treatment for natural hair

  • Protein treatments help hair to maintain its natural balance of proteins, oils and nutrients.

  • Protein treatments nourish and soften natural hair by removing dead cells from the scalp and replenishing protein into the hair.

  • Protein treatments are catalysts for stronger, thicker, longer, and healthier hair

  • Protein treatments help prevent split ends, they reduce breakage and strengthen limp hair strands.

Protein treatment options at a salon

A keratin treatment, also known as "hair smoothening," aids in the reformation of the keratin bond within your hair fibre, keeping it closed and intact for a smooth texture. To avoid heat damage to your beautiful crown, opt for formaldehyde-free options and work with an experienced hair technician. Keratin treatments also use heat straightening to seal your hair fibres with the solution and prevent future protein loss. It accomplishes this by resurfacing and strengthening the protein bonds in your hair from within.

Cysteine treatments work exactly like keratin treatments, but without the added chemicals and formaldehyde, or its substitutes. A cysteine treatment replenishes dull hair, eliminates frizziness, and treats dryness in your tresses by using a cysteine complex, which is a type of non-essential amino acid. They produce a more natural-looking mane and do not leave your hair in a curly mess when removed. They can also be done more frequently without worrying about damaging your hair or affecting your scalp. Because the effects of cysteine treatments wear off in less than three months, new hair growth in cysteine treatments does not affect the appearance of your mane.

Remember that hair is also a sign of your overall health, which means, taking care of yourself from within also means taking care of your hair. Eating a balanced, protein rich diet is important for growing healthy hair and maintaining an adequate protein-moisture balance in your hair is key. Getting a protein treatment done once every month is enough because too much protein is not a good thing.

That’s it! Are you keen to try a treatment out? Let us know!

Love MPL 🧡.

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