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Did you say night routine?

By Phemelo Segoe

So we’ve all read, heard or watched night-time skin routines but have you heard about a hair night routine? Do you have a night-time hair routine of your own? Do you think it’s important or are you not so sure?

Well, a good night-time hair routine could be the key to waking up to good hair in the morning! If you spend a lot of time in front of the camera or in front of people in general, a nighttime routine can also help make your hair easier to style in the morning. So, with that in mind, let’s look at 3 key night-time routines for your hair.

1. When in doubt, hydrate.

Many of us know that we need to drink at least 2l of water a day to keep our bodies adequately hydrated but Winter makes staying internally hydrated difficult. As a result, some parts of our bodies are shortchanged and our hair is usually on that list. To try and raise your water intake, try to drink at least 2 glasses of water in the evening. One before dinner and one just before bed.

Hydration starts from within so make drinking water a conscious part of your nighttime routine.

2. Moisture in, happy hair out

Curly or coiled hair is naturally prone to dryness. This hair type constantly needs moisture but Winter is unforgiving with its dry air. Since the air is already dry, the heat in your home (yes, from the heater) further exacerbates the dryness. So what can you do at night to help combat this? Moisturise.

Moisturise your hair with essential, nourishing oils. We recommend using oils like Jojoba, Tea tree, Olive or Argan oil. Since oil buildup can do more bad than good, it’s important to be mindful of how your hair feels every day. It’s best to use oils 2 - 3 times a week. By doing this, you will prevent breakage and repair damage.

Moisturising your hair at night is also very important for styling. If you want to be able to comb through your hair without hassles, excessive pulling and potential hair damage then making sure that it is properly moisturised in the evening is the key.

3. Wrap it up

Unless you have silk pillowcases, you need to make sure that you are neatly tucking your hair in a silk or satin bonnet.Wearing a bonnet helps prevent friction while you sleep at night therefore reducing the amount of frizz you wake up with. It prevents chances of breakage and it combats tangling. Having your hair protected also alleviates stress by helping you maintain hairstyles for longer, not to mention preventing split ends.

Bonnets protect black hair by preventing excessive moisture loss that can occur as you sleep so make sure you incorporate this age old tradition into your night-time routine.

Now that you have a few tips and tricks, it’s time for you to make your night-time routine your own. Which routine have you been practising? Let us know in the comments!

Love MPL!

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