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7 tips to protect your hair from Winter’s chill

Winter is coming whether you are ready or not. But for your hair’s sake, we want to make sure you are all ready, so we have 7 tips to keep your mane protected in the cooler season.

Tip 1. Bring out the protective styles.

Braids honey, you’re up! Winter is NOT the time to wash and go. Winter is the time for all your favourite protective styles to shine because it is the perfect time to tuck your hair away. Protective styles do what their name suggests, they protect – and in Winter no one is a better soldier. The wind coupled with dry air really strips your hair of moisture and this inturn leaves your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Protective styles cut down manipulation to your hair, they reduce exposure to the cold air by tucking your ends away and they reduce the risk of breakage. Do you need any more convincing?

Tip 2 : Don't forget about your protective style.

Protective styles will help your hair retain more moisture than if you wore your hair out, but that doesn’t mean your hair won’t need any nourishment. Your hair will still need moisture and you need to be aware of this so you can provide it. Your hair will eventually dry up even in a protective style however the level of hair maintenance required is minimal so you need not fret. Just be mindful and apply a light but nourishing spray to your roots every couple days to keep them moisturised. Also, don’t keep protective styles in for too long. 4 weeks is long enough.

Tip 3 : Stay away from heat.

Steaming is good for hair but blow-drying at high heat isn’t. It’s time to pack away the straightener because you do not need her. If you must blow-dry your hair, set the dryer to a cool temperature. Winter is not the time to be stripping your hair of already scarce moisture.

Tip 4 : Double up on nutrients.

It’s important to eat healthy all year-round for your own physical wellbeing but in Winter, it's especially important to double down on the nutrients because your hair needs it. Increase your protein, vitamins and mineral intake by eating foods that are rich in nutrients like leafy greens, hearty bean soups and red meat or fish.

Tip 5 : Use a anti-humectant to seal in moisture

An anti-humectant is an oil, butter or any other product that seals moisture into your hair. It goes without saying that sealing moisture into your hair during Winter is vital because your hair will be fighting for its health everyday. The best time to apply anti-humectants is after washing or moisturising your hair. We have a wide range of nourishing sealant oils you can choose from. Click here.

Tip 6. Use steam to moisturise your hair.

Like we mentioned in tip 3, steaming is good for hair. Infact, we would go as far as to say it's great for hair because the small, air-born water particles it creates are excellent at penetrating and hydrating your hair strands. How can you adorn your hair with steam this Winter? Take a warm shower without a shower cap.

Tip 7 : Trim, trim and trim!

Your ends are extra vulnerable in Winter so don’t keep them. Split ends are rife when hair is dry so don't think twice about cutting them off. By cutting off split ends as soon as you see them, you keep your hair healthier for longer.

And there you have it, 7 tips to keep your hair healthy and protected this Winter.

Love MPL.

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