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3 reasons to go with olive oil this autumn

As the weather changes and the air becomes cooler and drier, it's important to adjust your hair care routine to keep your locks healthy and moisturised. MPL Olive Oil Moisturiser is one product that can help you achieve hydrated, healthy hair this fall.

Natural olive oil, like that found in MPL Olive Oil, has been used for centuries to hydrate and nourish hair.

In this article, we look at 3 reasons you should switch to MPL Olive Oil Moisturiser this autumn!

1. When it comes to moisture, Olive oil wins! When the temperature drops and the air dries out, it can be difficult to maintain healthy hair. You can keep your hair soft and manageable in any climate with the help of MPL olive oil moisturiser. The olive oil in the product is able to penetrate the hair shaft and add much-needed moisture.

2. Get some shine back. Dry air is a major contributor to lifeless hair. MPL olive oil moisturiser's hydrating properties can help bring back your hair's natural lustre, revealing its healthy, radiant glow. Antioxidants protect your hair from damage caused by pollution and other things in the environment. 3. Never stop growing.

Hair that is properly hydrated is less likely to break, which in turn can encourage new hair growth. Because of the vitamins and nutrients found in MPL olive oil moisturiser, your hair will be more resilient and less prone to breakage.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about why MPL Olive Oil is a great option for maintaining your hair's health and suppleness this autumn. You can get yourself a bottle of MPL Olive Oil Moisturiser from your nearest Clicks, Dischem, or Pick ’n Pay outlet or shop online at TakeAlot.

Love MPL 🧡.

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