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3 easy steps to drying your hair without heat

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Winter has come and all the tips you’ve read about how to protect your hair and survive Winter with your crown intact are about to get tested. But before you set off with your toolbox of tips and tricks, let’s address drying hair in Winter.

No matter what your hair type, one thing’s for sure, your hair is most fragile when it’s wet. Blow drying your hair might be the fastest way to dry your hair and warm your scalp while you’re at it but, heat in Winter, as you already know, is a no-no. Because of this, we have looked at giving you steps to dry your hair without heat.

Step 1: Dry hair with a microfibre towel.

Regular cotton towels cause friction which raises the cuticles of your hair strands. Friction causes frizz. Microfibre towels are designed to create less friction and prevent breakage.

Step 2: Section your hair.

Sectioning your hair into four parts after microfibre towel drying will help your hair dry faster. Bunched up hair dries slower than sectioned hair. By sectioning your hair, you create room for air to flow and drying to take place. Once your hair is damp, you can apply a moisturiser and then proceed to twisting.

Step 3: Don’t add sealants to wet hair.

After washing your hair, do not apply a leave-in conditioner whilst your hair is still soaking wet hair. Instead wait for your hair to air dry and once it is damp, then only should you add your sealant. The reason for this is simple, sealants slow down the time it takes for moisture to leave your hair and thus for your hair to dry.

Step 4: Twist only damp hair.

Twisting your hair after a wash is a great way to dry and stretch your hair without heat. Twists help reduce shrinkage and can leave you with a lovely wavey vibe. Twists however, may prolong your drying time if you twist your hair immediately after a wash. So make sure to follow steps 1 - 3.

Once your hair is nice a dry, you can remove the twists and style. Voila! Dry hair without heat.

To zero heat damage this winter. Love MPL🧡.

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