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3 Easy & Cute back to school hairstyles

Now that December is a memory, can you believe it’s back to school already? As you get your children ready to do go back to school, it’s a good idea to plan what their hair will look like too. A beautiful hairstyle is not just attractive but can give your child the self-esteem lift they need.

According to several studies, women and girls feel more attractive and confident when their hair is done versus when having a “bad hair day.” Those results allow us to safely conclude that our hair really matters and how it looks play a huge role on our self-esteem. Because children are still very impressionable and in the process of developing their self-image, it’s extremely important to aid them with positive stimuli to do that positively.

If you want your young girl to build a healthy self-image in which they feel confident and beautiful in their own skin and hair, it’s important you make taking care of their hair a priority.

Here are 3 very easy and cute back to school hairstyles your child can do today. These hairstyles are not fibre intensive (apart from the last one) and allow your child to still feel beautiful in their own hair.

1. Natural curls

This natural hairstyle is effortless and so cute. It doesn’t discriminate because it looks good on both short and long hair curls. It’s a great way to encourage your child to wear their hair out while still looking neat for school.

2.  High Ponytail

A high ponytail says two things. “I am not here to play” and “I’m still cute though”.

It’s a good choice for back to school because its very low maintenance and stays in place the whole day. .

3. Cornrows

Not only do cornrows look great but they are also a perfect way to keep hair neatly plaited for some time. Cornrows are a perfect way to give your child’s hair the break it deserves. Cornrow braids can be worn for three to six weeks so no more morning struggles. You can also swap out the fibre for your child’s natural hair.

Taking the time to ensure that your child has a neat back-to-school hairstyle won’t only prove beneficial for her confidence but it will give you a lot more peace in the morning too. Sounds like a win-win right? Go forth and have fun choosing your angel’s perfect hairstyle.

Love, MPL

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These hairstyles are very cute and I can't get my eyes off from this. I have straight hair and it's like a dream to me having curly hairs. Anyways I have some hair accessory ideas that can make this look more adorable. Check here

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